How do I categorize a transaction?

Simply click the category button and change the category of any transaction. Alternatively; you can create rules to automatically categorize transactions based on a specific set of conditions.

Note: We will auto-categorize transactions on your behalf; however, these may not always be accurate and some user input is needed to ensure your transactions are all categorized according to your needs.

How do I set up rules to categorize transactions?

There are several ways to quickly create new rules while you are in the process of categorizing transactions; otherwise, you can create a new rule from scratch on the ‘Rules’ Tab.

Rules are just a set of conditions that will automate your categorization process to make the process of categorizing your transactions quick and easy.

The conditions are things like: If the Transaction Name Contains: “ABC”, Then set the category to “XYZ”. We will now apply this rule moving forward to ensure any new transactions that match this condition are categorized properly.

Note: Rules are executed in order. If two rules conflict; only the first matched rule will apply. You can change the rule priority and audit all of your rules on the ‘Rules’ Tab.