Account adding flow updates

Account adding flow updates

Account adding flow updates

Feb 8, 2024

Feb 8, 2024

Feb 8, 2024

🏮Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, we shipped a great deal of updates:

  1. We revamped the account adding flow, now it's more intuitive, clear, and fast to track.

  2. Fina has paved to road to allow us to track any assets or liabilities, what is the item you want to add and track?

  3. Working with a Google spreadsheet to bring your transactions when a live connection is missing.

  4. Now you can attach a Google spreadsheet to any account you have added on Fina, regardless it's live or manual.

    • Import button is globally available now.

  5. The export button now supports the export of both Raw transactions and Rollup transactions.

A few highlights as we keep building Fina Essential:

  1. Now you can add / edit extra description to any selected transaction.

  2. Total fresh UI to manage your Rules: quick rule, rules management, and interactions between rules and transactions!

  3. Macro Time fix - If you block uses Current/Last/Trailing Week/Month/Quarter/Year. Every time you opened it, it should be the real time relative to the viewing time.

  4. You can revert category overwrite in transaction card.

  5. Lots of optimizations that you can feel.