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Split & Modify Transactions

Feb 16, 2024

🖖 -> Split transaction is live!

Together with split transaction, you can now modify the following:

  • change date of any transaction.

  • add notes to a transaction.

  • force update to refresh transactions - there is a new refresh icon next to import/export button.

  • split transaction into multiple dates.

  • split transaction into multiple categories.

  • or doing both #2 and #3 at the same time.

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Account adding flow updates

Feb 8, 2024

🏮Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, we shipped a great deal of updates:

  1. We revamped the account adding flow, now it's more intuitive, clear, and fast to track.

  2. Fina has paved to road to allow us to track any assets or liabilities, what is the item you want to add and track?

  3. Working with a Google spreadsheet to bring your transactions when a live connection is missing.

  4. Now you can attach a Google spreadsheet to any account you have added on Fina, regardless it's live or manual.

    • Import button is globally available now.

  5. The export button now supports the export of both Raw transactions and Rollup transactions.

A few highlights as we keep building Fina Essential:

  1. Now you can add / edit extra description to any selected transaction.

  2. Total fresh UI to manage your Rules: quick rule, rules management, and interactions between rules and transactions!

  3. Macro Time fix - If you block uses Current/Last/Trailing Week/Month/Quarter/Year. Every time you opened it, it should be the real time relative to the viewing time.

  4. You can revert category overwrite in transaction card.

  5. Lots of optimizations that you can feel.

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Multi-currency support & Roadmap Update

Jan 15, 2024

Fina Family, Happy New Year!!

This is the first update brought to you by the awesome Fina team, we are a dedicated mission-driven team, building the best financial tracking and analysis platform is our vision, the core value we are presenting here is personalization through flexibility.

Fina's 2024 roadmap has been laid out as M1=Fina Essential, M2=Fina Insightful, M3=Fina Collaborative, M4=Fina Creative. We are at M1 right now, in this milestone, we will focus on crafting the best experience for you to connect your accounts quickly and securely, and clean up your data simply and efficiently.

As you are reading this quick update right now, you have probably already noticed the Updated UX - please enjoy the revamped Accounts and Transactions page while we continue polishing other parts.

We love feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Multi-Currency: $ € £ ¥ ₿ Ξ Ł

Now for any user who has multiple currency accounts, you can have a consolidated view in the system currency you choose:

  • Click your name from the top-left menu

  • Choose Settings

  • Set System Currency for Your Fina!

One interesting scenario - tracking all your cryptocurrencies through manual accounts without connecting any live wallet yet.

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New Accounts Page

Nov 23, 2023

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving!


  • We have continued improvement on the accounts adding and updating experience:
    1) manual update button.
    2) last update time display for each account.
    3) smoother balance update after adding an institute.

Also, check out the nice new loading animation :)

💥 New Accounts Page

  • We have re-designed the accounts page to make it even simpler to connect your financial accounts. Hope you like it!

  • We have fixed a bunch of reliability issue across the board - rules saving, data refresh, UI responsiveness, categories drag and drop.

We are actively making Fina easier to use, faster to react, and clearer to present your financial status! Use Feedback button on the left-bottom corner to grow with Fina!

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Account disabling / Version History

Oct 30, 2023

🎃 Happy Halloween, Fina family!

As usual, we still have a bunch of exciting updates to share with you!

  • Accounts
    Now you can disable an account if you want to exclude it.

  • Transactions table size
    For the small screen, Fina used to cut off what it should display, now we have introduced a horizontal scroll bar if needed.

  • "Category Expense" Block
    We have added two options in the settings of this block: 1) compare to a category budget and 2) compare to an income category budget.
    The first option will display how much remaining current expenses are from its own budget set.
    The second option will display how much percentage current expense is taking of a selected income category.
    Thanks for the idea, @Farooq!

  • Categories
    Categories tab is one of the core surfaces that our Fina users use the most, we will continue improving this surface.
    1. Enhanced Drag & Drop: drag & drop a category to another place made easier, and now you can drop it to the position you want within a group.
    2. We have disabled the default sorting by income/expense amount, so that you can keep your category tree in the order you designed it to be. In the future, we will introduce extra options to allow you to sort them.
    3. Snapshots: you can save the state of your categories and rules into a snapshot which you can restore to it later in case something is messed up after that. Up to 3 snapshots are allowed and you can rename each to help you memorize what they are!

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Category Page Updates

Oct 12, 2023

  • Rename a Category
    Before the support - all transactions may become uncategorized if you rename a category from X to Y. Now, renaming should smoothly attach all transactions to the new category name when you rename. Tell us how it works for you through Feedback.

  • Audit Rules
    After some time, you may have created a bunch of rules to categorize your transaction data, and some of them may become obsolete, we introduced a new Audit button on the Rules page, it will highlight the rules that are not working anymore, you may want to clean them up.

  • 💥 Predict Budget
    Now, Fina provides a one-click button to predict your budget value for each category: when you hover over a category item, a shortcut will show up by the side of the budget input, click it and Fina will predicate your budget based on the past few months expense, try it out and let us know how it works for you!

  • (Better) Drag & Drop
    At Fina, we always take step by step to improve the experience. Now we offer a better indicator of drag handle

  • Sort by Name
    Expense by Category the block is so far the most popular one in Fina - please open the block settings menu to check all the options we have added:

  • Along with Budget: display budget side by side with expense

    • Group only: instead of displaying individual categories, it rolls up everything into group level only, categories in root will be aggregated to (ungrouped).

    • View as Card: tired of list view? Try card view!

    • Sort by Name: by default, categories are sorted by their expense amount value, this option will sort it by name in alphabetical order instead.

  • Drag & Drop category
    What makes it difficult to re-organize your category list? I heard people say they have to delete and re-create if they want to move the category around.
    Now, you can just drag and drop!

  • Ungroup
    Now, you can also click the "ungroup" icon on a group to ungroup it, all categories and the group itself will become plain categories now just under the ROOT.

  • Simple Calculator
    We are revamping the simple calculator to get ready for complicated computation with variables, before that, we will keep polishing the calculator to make it work better. Check it out and let us know how it feels... Stay tuned for more!

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UX Improvements / Time Zones

Sep 26, 2023

  • Time Zone
    More on transaction timezone: have you ever noticed some of your transaction dates are one day off?
    We have tried our best to recognize the accurate time when there is a signal to tell 1) Time zone info and 2) Transaction type.

    However, the reality is much more complex than we can handle gracefully, because all banks may behave differently. Some banks send UTC time while others send their local time. Fina has no way to tell you how to adjust your time correctly in those cases. So now, we introduced Time Zone settings for each account, where you can set it up by Edit Account menu item on each account's option menu. Note that, one connected bank shares the same time zone settings across all associated accounts, so regardless of what account you edit, the Time Zone value applies to all.

  • Transaction Time
    Some users noticed Fina uses post date for transactions, however, different merchants (and banks) post the records at different times. So we are trying to bring your transaction time as close to the time you made the real-life action, regardless your bank uses UTC time or your local time. Let us know if you see a more aligned transaction time for your Fina transactions.

  • Unique URL
    We have added the unique URL for each profile, as well as its sub-pages: accounts, transactions, and categories

  • Keyboard
    We have improved transaction categorization more for keyboard-only users, now if you type something not existing in your category, you can use the UP/DOWN arrow to navigate and add a new category, and you're able to choose a group for the newly added category as well.

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Transactions Updates

Sep 16, 2023

  • Transaction List
    Transaction lists are now available on many surfaces. Whenever you want to drill down a number, a transaction list will show up as a side drawer.
    For example: an "activity" icon will appear by a category, no matter if you see them in a page block or categorization page. Going forward, you will be able to see them by the side of a "Merchant", or more. What is your "drill-down" scenario, please file a request using the "Bugs & Requests" link.

  • Filters
    The filters on the transactions page will allow you to easily search your transactions by some conditions, more than that, you shall be able to create a rule from a filter list easily.

  • Rules

    • Making rules close to transactions, so that you can easily create a rule from a filtered transaction list.

      • Support viewing matched transactions by a rule

      • Support editing a rule.

    • Categorization Bug Fixes

    • Adding a category in the categorization time from the transactions page.

      • Matching all transactions by a newly added rule.

      • Easier filtering from the filter form.

  • See category activities
    Showing transactions from Category tab will carry the time range over from Category tab to Transaction tab.

  • Accounts/Transactions/Categories column head
    We now use active colors to indicate that the column is editable, such as Name column in the Accounts tab, Category column in the Transactions tab, and Category + Budget columns in Categories, others are grey means read-only.

  • Change log bell
    The change log menu will display a bell if we have updates as fresh as less than 24 hours. We would like you to take a look at our active updates.

  • Onboarding page & Starter page:
    If you are new to Fina, now you will automatically get these two templates applied to your document tree. Others can always go to Templates the browser to see available ones. Looking forward to adding more templates.

  • Categorization optimization:
    We display all your categories in the Category column under the Transactions tab, but based on the current transaction, either expense categories or income categories will show up at the top of the drop-down list. Of course, you can always type and search.

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Expense By Category Improvements

Sep 4, 2023

  • Enhancement on Expense by Category block:

  • Now, you can turn on the "Budget" value side by side with the expense value for better comparison.

    • Now, you can also turn on the "Group only" view to aggregate all expenses into Group level only. A group is the top-level category in your category tree.

    • Lastly, you can easily switch Category Expense between List view and Card view now.

  • We understand Expense by Category is a very important block for many users, please stay tuned, we have many more polish and improvements coming up for this block, among those exciting updates, next step, we will bring a category drill-down experience for you:

  • Click any category from the block result, you will get transaction details to show you how that number was calculated.

  • A fly-in panel will serve this function.

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Multi Profile Support

Sep 1, 2023

✨ New Feature

  • Multi-profiles
    "Multi-profiles" is a high-demanded feature asked by many of our beloved users. It helps you to separate your connected accounts into different profile, each profile has its own categories and rules. It makes many useful scenarios possible, such as:

  • Separate your business accounts from your personal accounts.

    • Create a profile for a specific family, such as your parents or your children.

    • Build partnership with a loved one through a common profile.

    • Other Additions:

      • Simple Calculator got some improvement, but a better version is coming on the way...

      • Added a simple product tour where you can start from your user menu Tour

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Better Navigation and UI updates

Aug 16, 2023

  • Segment Link
    To support better navigation, we have enabled unique links for both Profile and Page, so now when you click and navigate to a profile or a page, you will get a unique link at your browser address bar. By refreshing the browser, you will stay on the current page.

  • Some UI Feedback updates: highlight current profile, doc lock state indicator, etc.

  • Multi-profile support is currently inviting early adopters, please reach out to have a test run!

  • Overall product improvement: reliability, UX issue fixes, etc.

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Amex Connectivity Improved

Jul 26, 2023

  • AMEX connectivity improvement
    "We’ve made improvements to our AmEx integration and believe that the issue reported here is no longer affecting users with MFA settings that do not require perpetual multi-factor authentication.
    Please note that this will continue to be a known issue/expected error for users who have perpetual multi-factor authentication set up on their account, an MFA type we do not support, as it prompts the user for an OTP code on every login, preventing our automated updates from collecting account data.
    Additionally, Plaid has reached a data-sharing agreement with AmEx on Jun 8th and will be building out an OAuth integration for American Express. Once this effort is complete, we will migrate existing AmEx Items over to the new OAuth integration."

    If you previously encountered a connection issue with American Express, now it's time to give it another try and see if it works now. More improvements on American Expression will come live soon.

  • Fina Site Connectivity
    In the last few days, we have actively working on improving reliability and connection stableness on Fina. We think we have fixed some large issues that caused connection loss before. Hope you experience a much smoother Fina now, if you have an issue, please don't hesitate to contact

  • Reliability of changes saving.
    Some of our users experienced the issue of "changes loss", though different reasons may cause a similar problem. Our previous architecture has some problems allowing this to happen. Now, we have revamped the way to save your changes, we use more frequent subtle server requests in exchange for more incremental updates, we believe this will help a lot if you have had such an issue before. Please contact support if you still have the issue, love to look into your case.

  • Multi-profile readiness
    Many users have asked for a multi-profile feature, and we have made an effort to bring this feature to real soon. Currently, we're looking for initial feedback and pilot users, if you are interested in multiple profiles, please send a simple email to, and I'll reach out soon.

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Manual Transactions Finalized

Jun 27, 2023

🔥 Manual transaction is live now! 🔥
Finally, we got approved by Google to integrate Fina with Google Spreadsheet

Here are the steps:

  1. User profile settings: Authorize with Google to allow Fina to connect to your Google Spreadsheets!

  2. Make a copy of the template to your Google Spreadsheet list.

  3. Add a manual account in your profile, fill in all the account info there, and paste the Google Spreadsheet ID in the "Transaction GSheet ID" field.

  4. Maintain all your transactions in your own Google Spreadsheet, and Fina will keep in sync with it (currently once a day).

  • Bugs & Requests
    To build Fina more transparently, we have set up a public roadmap from which you can submit your bug report or feature request. We will action on them quickly.
    You will find the link from the left bottom corner right below "Changelog", cheers!

    Other updates:

    • All category filters should be memorized now across all blocks.

    • Communication-only: for manual transactions, we are waiting for Google verification on Fina integration with Google Spreadsheet. Stay tuned.

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Block Title Editing

Jun 23, 2023

  • Edit block title:
    Now, you can edit any block's title in place, no need to go to block settings for that.

  • Add color to visualization:
    We have added some "colors" to any blocks with graph visualization. If you don't like it, please share your feedback with, we may revert it or add a a setting to your profile so that you can customize it.

  • Manual transactions:
    We have almost completed the Google Spreadsheet integration to allow you to pull transactions from your spreadsheet into Fina. However, it's still not working yet due to Google's integration approval. Once the verification process is done, we will let you know.

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Net Worth Historical Balance

May 25, 2023

  • Net Worth historical view:
    Enabled historical view of your net worth, so now you have 4 different views in the Net Worth Insights block. (current, history) x (breakdown, summary). The balance history of all accounts is recorded every time you open Fina, currently, it is not auto-recorded so it requires that you sign in to update.

  • Bug fixes:
    Some bug fixes: budget progress when switching to quarterly time range, visualization tooltip background, promo-code auto send to your email when you left your phone number in your profile.

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Offline Changes

May 19, 2023

  • Offline Changes:
    I understand that some of our users got frustrated when you lost your changes due to Fina going offline after you spent lots of effort to categorize your transactions. Now we have placed offline changes handling, it automatically saves your changes in your browser, after you refresh the page to continue the session, those changes should be automatically saved.

  • Doc Delete Confirmation:
    Now, you will be prompted to confirm if you are deleting a doc from your pages. Just to be safe, you can now avoid accidental deletions.

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Manual Transaction Support Via Google Sheets

May 18, 2023

  • Manual Transactions:
    To support manual transactions on Fina, you can maintain your transaction records in your own Spreadsheet by copying this template.

  • Add New Category:
    Now, we enabled you to add a new category in the category dropdown in your categorization process. Just click the button + Add "xyz" when a category is not present.

  • Expand category section:
    Sometimes, you have a lot of categories in one section "expenses", "income" or "transfers", now you can use this quick button to expand it.

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Feedback / AI / Doc Sharing

May 15, 2023

  • Improved AI Dialog:
    Now we always start interacting with Fina by a single slash. In the dialog, you can

  • Search a block

    • Ask question to Fina AI to match a block

    • Ask generic question answered by Fina Query or AI itself.

  • View Change log:
    Now every user will be able to track and read Fina changes through Change log. Feel free to submit your feature request at the Fina Canny page.

  • Share Document:
    More ways to share your page

  • With specific people

    • Make your link publicly accessible

    • In addition, you can submit your page as a template.

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Other resources to help along your financial journey


Other resources to help along your financial journey


Other resources to help along your financial journey