Mint Is Shutting Down, Fina Is Rising Up (Fina vs. Mint)

Mint Is Shutting Down, Fina Is Rising Up (Fina vs. Mint)

Nov 3, 2023

Clay Raterman

Mint Is Shutting Down.

Fina is an alternative financial tracking platform that Mint users can migrate to.

In a surprising move, Intuit has announced that they will be discontinuing Mint by year's end. For us in the personal finance management (PFM) arena, this presents an exciting opportunity to help former Mint users enhance their financial management experience.

It's true that the market offers a variety of alternatives, many of which are well-established and polished. So, what sets Fina apart? We believe in providing a fully customizable platform tailored to each individual's needs. Think of Fina as the "Notion for Finance."

Fina vs. Mint

Mint was an incredible platform that has helped a lot of people over the last decade-plus, if it weren’t for them, the vision of PFM apps would not be where it is today. However, as former users ourselves, we couldn’t help but feel like they took their foot off the pedal once it was acquired.

The idea that there should be a home to manage and understand your financial life, all in one spot, is still a massive desire for so many out there. At Fina, we are working on this mission harder than ever.

Fina is similar to Mint in that you can connect live financial accounts, set custom categories and budgets, create rules for auto-categorization, and see the whole picture of your finances.

There are some differences though.

Pros compared to Mint (current state):

1. Simplicity - the speed and ease of configuring your category schema, cleaning transactions, and setting rules is fast and less painful than mint. Less friction to getting accurate data.

2. Customizable Tracking - we are built more for the power user right now. We have Notion-style pages and blocks that can be modified to get unique insights. In the future, this means advanced scenario planning, custom calculations, and more.

3. Multi-Profile Support - you can separate out your financial accounts for personal, business, spouse, etc. to keep the accounting separate but the reporting under one roof.

4. Templates Concept - think of Notion and Spreadsheet type templates that people can share, but that is populated with your live cleaned financial data.

5. Monetization - Fina makes money off subscriptions, not off-selling your data to advertisers (also this sounds silly, but we are also an actively developed project, making consistent improvements). 

Cons compared to Mint (current state):
  1. Only web-based right now (no mobile app, but mobile view).

  2. We only use Plaid as our primary aggregator at the moment (no Apple card support).

  3. No focus on multi-user experience (coming soon).

  4. Only about a year old (not much focus or polish on UXUI just yet).

The future of Fina:

Fina isn't just another app with a fixed, one-size-fits-all dashboard. Instead, we provide the building blocks for your financial management, allowing you to gain insights effortlessly as you interact with any page.

In the future, we envision Fina as the ultimate financial operating system that is intuitive, quick, and dependable.

We plan for it to include:
  • Sleek design, simple to use, and mobile-friendly.

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of your financial history and be able to predict future trends.

  • Maintaining a real-time synchronization ensures that your financial data is always up to date.

  • Allows you to share your financial information seamlessly with others as needed.

  • Integrate with other popular apps that you use.

  • Access to a marketplace of templates that cater to a wide array of financial needs.

  • Join a community that supports each other's financial creativity.

  • Interact with an intelligent assistant for immediate, conversational support.

  • Manage all your financial assets in one place, from cryptocurrency to your home and car.

  • And much more…

Why choose Fina NOW though?

Although Fina is relatively new, nearly a year old, we're steadfastly paving our way to becoming the ultimate financial operating system. Our vision is clear and forward-looking.

We may not have as many features as other financial apps currently on the market, but our dedicated team is leveraging the latest in cloud computing and AI technology to progress toward our goal.

By switching to Fina now, you're choosing a platform that grows with you, eliminating the need to switch again in the future.

Start with a free account at Fina today, and consider subscribing to grow with us once you see the impact on your financial future.

This is our commitment to you, from the founders of Fina.

-Shawn, Clay, Xiao